Former SSG Coach Kim Won hyeong, I Wasn’t Good Enough [sport]

Former SSG Coach Kim Won hyeong “I Wasn’t Good Enough… I Understand the Club’s Decision”

“The manager is in a responsible position… The club must have made a difficult decision.”

SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung (51) visited the professional baseball SSG Landers office in Incheon on the 31st and met with team officials.

The moment he finished talking with SSG general manager Kim Seong-yong, coach Kim Won-hyung's status became 'former coach.' 온라인카지노사이트

Immediately after being notified of his dismissal by professional baseball SSG Landers, former coach Kim Won-hyung said in a phone call "I wasn't good enough.

This season, the team didn't perform as well as expected, so this is what happened."

Former coach Kim Won-hyung said, “I was notified by the club today.

Since the club made that decision, I have no choice but to follow it.”

“The club must have made a difficult decision,” he said calmly.

He then added, “Please refrain from making hasty speculations regarding the background of the dismissal.”

He added, “I think the club made the decision because the results were not good.”

SSG will discuss replacing the manager starting on the 30th. started, and on the 31st, general manager Kim Seong-yong gave a ‘notice of dismissal’ to former manager Kim Won-hyung.

Despite the sudden notice, former manager Kim Won-hyung did not want the arrow to be pointed at the club.

He said, “My capabilities were not enough,” and “I will rest and cool my head for the time being.”

“I would like to thank the players who have worked with me and the fans who have supported me,” he said, adding, “I hope that the players and coaches will not be upset, will do well in the final training, and have a good next season as well.”

After taking office as head coach of the SK Wyverns in November 2020, former coach Kim led the team without wavering even amid the storm of the club's sale.

SSG, which acquired the SK club, inherited the terms of coach Kim's contract, and former coach Won-hyung Kim tied the longest winning streak since the opening of the 2022 season (10 consecutive wins), tied the most wins in club history (88 wins), and achieved the KBO League's first 'wire to wire'.

He was recognized for his leadership by setting various milestones such as wire-to-wire (maintaining first place from the opening game to the end).

SSG said it would strengthen coach Kim Won-hyung's leadership and renewed his contract for a total of 2.2 billion won for three years, the highest treatment for an active coach during last year's Korean Series.

Coach Kim repaid the club's trust by leading the team to a combined championship.

SSG also achieved good results this year, finishing in 3rd place with 76 wins, 65 losses, 3 draws, and a winning percentage of 0.539 in the regular season.

However, SSG lost three games in the semi-playoffs against NC Dinos and exited the fall stage.

SSG revealed the reason for the manager's dismissal, saying, "It was not because of performance, but the club's choice to pursue change and innovation."

Former coach Kim Won-hyung calmly accepted the club's decision, saying, "A coach is in a position of responsibility.

I think he takes responsibility."
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