Kim Woo-min, 400m freestyle 3rd place Advanced to Finals [sport]

Kim Woo-min, World Swimming Medal Visible... 400m freestyle, 3rd place, Advanced to Finals

Medal challenge in the early morning of the 12th... “I will show you that I will not give up in the finals.”

Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office), a Korean mid- and long-distance swimmer, succeeded in advancing to the finals of the men's 400m freestyle at the World Championships for the third time in a row.

Kim Woo-min recorded a time of 3 minutes 45.14 seconds in the men's 400m freestyle preliminaries at the 2024 Qatar Doha International Aquatics Federation World Championships held at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on the 11th.

Ranked 3rd among 56 participants in the preliminary round. 카지노사이트

Kim Woo-min, who competed in Group 6, the last group of the preliminaries, showed a world record pace of 1 minute 50.44 seconds until the 200m section.

However, he fell behind little by little starting from the 250m section, eventually losing first place to Elijah Winnington (Australia) and finishing in second place.

Winnington arrived in 3 minutes 44.37 seconds and took first place overall in the preliminaries, and Lucas Martens (Germany), the bronze medalist at last year's Fukuoka Games, took second place in 3 minutes 44.77 seconds.

Kim Woo-min advanced to the finals for the first time in this event at the 2022 Budapest Games and placed 6th, and rose one place to 5th at last year's Fukuoka Games.

Kim Woo-min will attempt to win his medal in the finals, which will be held at 1 a.m. on the 12th, Korean time.

Since he advanced to the finals with the highest personal ranking in the World Championship preliminaries, his chances are greater than ever.

Last year's Fukuoka Games runner-up and Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Ahmed Hafnauwi (Tunisia) was eliminated from this competition in 17th place in the preliminary round, beating out one competitor.

Kim Woo-min is an athlete who has now reached world-class level in the 400m freestyle, which was Park Tae-hwan's main event.

At last year's Fukuoka competition, he succeeded in advancing to the finals with a time of 3 minutes 44.52 seconds in the preliminaries and 6th place overall, and took 5th place in the finals with a time of 3 minutes 43.92 seconds.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, he won three gold medals by winning the 400m and 800m freestyle and the 800m relay.

Many of the world's top athletes have announced that they will not participate in the Doha Games due to the Paris Olympics to be held in five months, but the situation is somewhat different in the 400m freestyle.

Among the first to fourth place finishers at last year's Fukuoka Games, gold medalist Samuel Short (Australia) is the only one who did not participate in this competition.

Swimming media outlet 'Swimswam' predicted that Kim Woo-min would take 5th place in the 400m freestyle at this competition.

Kim Woo-min, whose ultimate goal is the Olympic podium, is to break his record of 3 minutes 43.92 seconds in Doha.

If you can stand on the podium, a Paris Olympic medal will be within sight.

The last World Championships medal in this event by a Korean athlete was won by Park Tae-hwan in 2011.

At the time, Park Tae-hwan stood at the top of the podium, beating Sun Yang (China) with a record of 3 minutes and 42.04 seconds.

After the game, Kim Woo-min gave a short comment through his agency, All That Sports.

Kim Woo-min said, "I came to the local area and played the game, and the environment was good.

I became the first Korean (management team) finalist, and I am fortunate to have had a positive influence.

I will not give up and show a fighting spirit in the finals, so please support me." said.
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