Gold Medal in the Individual Event Won by My Younger Brother Jisoo [sport]

[Asian Games] “The Gold Medal in the Individual Event Won by My Younger Brother Jisoo, Who is Like Family, Is Even More Touching”

Fencing saber Kim Ji-yeon, who welcomed AG as a commentary after retiring as representative... “I hope the juniors do well in the team competition as well.”

“Jiyeon, are you watching? Thank you so much!”

This is what Yoon Ji-su (30), who won the gold medal in the women's saber fencing individual event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held on the 26th, said to her 'best friend' senior Kim Ji-yeon (35, Seoul Metropolitan Government).

Kim Ji-yeon and Yoon Ji-soo have spent a long time crying and laughing together on the national team and their respective teams. 바카라사이트

They also achieved brilliant achievements on the international stage, such as winning the team event at the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and the first-ever Olympic bronze medal in the women's saber team event (Tokyo 2020).

She found herself in a position to lead the women's saber team with Ji-yeon Kim laying down her Taegeuk mark in April of this year, with Ji-soo Yoon losing her big supporter.

At the Asian Games prepared while her sense of responsibility and burden increased to the point where she expressed, "I thought I was suffering from depression," Jisoo Yoon decorated her first individual exhibition with a gold medal.

It is a gold medal that has a special meaning for Kim Ji-yeon, who serves as a commentator for SBS and is spending the Asian Games in front of a microphone rather than on the piste, a little different from previous years.

She won the first Korean women's fencing Olympic individual gold medal in London in 2012, and even Kim Ji-yeon, who played as an 'ace', had a silver medal (2014 Incheon) in the individual event at the Asian Games.

Her last Asian Games were five years ago in Jakarta, where she won a bronze medal in the individual event.

Kim Ji-yeon, who met Ji-soo Yoon over the phone after she won the individual competition, said, "I was even more moved because I really wanted Ji-soo to do it," and added, "I am proud and proud to see that Ji-soo, who always told me that it was difficult and seemed young, has grown a lot."

In particular, in the semifinals against Zainab Daibekova (Uzbekistan), Ji-Soo Yoon won 15-14 after a struggle and advanced to the finals, and Ji-Yeon Kim shed tears during her commentary.

Jiyeon Kim said, "I didn't know I would cry like that.

“When I looked at the screen again later, I saw that he was speaking quietly and well, but then suddenly he cried,” he said. “In the finals, I was like, ‘I broke down in tears.’

I wanted to cry, but I held back.

Jisoo was rather calm," he said with a laugh.

An anecdote was also made known about Jisoo Yoon contacting Jiyeon Kim on the day of the game and talking to her. Jiyeon Kim said, "Jisoo was very worried, so she just said, 'You're the best, you're doing really well.'

He said, “I had a ‘mental education.’”

He continued, “Jisoo lost to Dybekova in both the individual competition at the Olympics and the World Championships.

“I used to have difficult matches against players who used such ‘small steps,’ and when I had the opportunity to train with Jisoo, he talked a lot about dealing with such players,” he said, adding, “I did a good job at that in this individual match.”

The relationship between the two is so special that Ji-yeon Kim says, “Even my dog ​​likes Ji-soo.”

Ji-yeon Kim said, "My husband (broadcaster Dong-jin Lee) also thinks of Ji-soo like his sister-in-law.

The three of us get along well, even going camping together."

Ji-yeon Kim said, "Ji-soo accommodates me well, and although she is my younger brother, she is also like an older sister.

When I am having a hard time, Ji-soo gives me strength.

“I even gave it to you,” he said.

She went on to explain, "Jisoo had a really hard time when her older sisters who were on the national team left.

I watched that process, so I had mixed feelings when I watched Jisoo play this time."

Ji-su Yoon's gold medal served as an opportunity to announce the opening of a new chapter for the Korean women's saber team, led by Ji-yeon Kim and others.

If the momentum continues until the group exhibition on the 29th, this atmosphere will become even stronger.

Kim Ji-yeon said, "Our country's women's saber team has improved a lot.

Our juniors are also doing well in international competitions recently."

She added, "There are players competing in the Asian Games for the first time, so they may be nervous, but since they are doing well, I hope they can show off their skills as usual without feeling pressure." He requested.
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